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Reports from newspapers on Muslim grooming gangs, with my comments to indicate what is new or significant about individual reports.
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Manchester police chief writes open letter condemning Times 'sex grooming town' headline ('Rochdale', 'Grooming Gang')
Rochdale imam Jalal Uddin dies from head injury in playground while walking home after evening prayers ('Rochdale', 'Vigilantism')
Court told how a Police Officer offered underage girl up to £500 for sex ('Media Complicity', 'Luton')
The truth about Muslims and sex slavery - according to the Quran, rather than Isis or Islamophobes ('Grooming Gang', 'Hypocrisy', 'Apologetics', 'Islamic State', 'Sexual Slavery', 'White Slave Trade', 'Boko Haram', 'Islam')
Rochdale child sex gang ringleader appeals against deportation. Shabir Ahmed tells tribunal his trial was ‘institutionally racist’ as he resists efforts to deport him to Pakistan ('Legal Appeal', 'ECHR', 'Rochdale', 'Serious Organized Crime')
Twelve rapists, a 13-year-old victim and a terrifying truth Britain still won't face: The disturbing full story behind the gangs of Pakistani men who target white girls ('Absconded', 'Kuffarphobia', 'Bangladesh', 'Muslims protect rapists', 'Keighley', 'Easy Meat', 'Multiculturalism', 'Media Political Correctness')
Orphans being targeted by sick criminals gangs to be trafficked for sex with paedophiles ('Tip of the Iceberg', 'Murder', 'Grooming Gang', 'Norwich', 'Sheffield', 'Middlesborough', "Barnardo's", 'Child Sexual Exploitation', 'Blackpool', 'Birmingham', 'Easy Meat', 'Cardiff', 'Drug Dealing')
Murder Trial 'Groomer' Accusation - Rotherham ('Murder', 'Rotherham', 'Vigilantism')
Why DID police turn a blind eye to gang of rapists who preyed on young girls like wolves? ('Keighley', 'Media Political Correctness', 'Police Political Correctness', 'White Slave Trade', 'Pakistani', 'Easy Meat 2016', 'Islam')
This cancer in our communities: Muslim leaders join outcry over Asian grooming gangs ('Keighley', 'Media Political Correctness', 'Edge of the City (2004)', 'Tip of the Iceberg', "Barnardo's", 'Child Sexual Exploitation', 'White Slave Trade', 'Easy Meat 2014', 'Islam')
Child rapist fled to Pakistan half way through his trial ('Tip of the Iceberg', 'Grooming Gang', 'Absconded', 'Islamic State', 'Pakistani', 'Extradition', 'Islam')
Pakistani Gang of 12 Men Sentenced in Keighley ('Keighley', 'Pakistani', 'Jailed', 'Grooming Gang', 'PTSD')
Ten men convicted of sexual offences against 'extremely vulnerable' teenage girl ('Tip of the Iceberg', 'Pakistani', 'Rochdale', 'Islam')
25 men charged with offences against underage girl in Calderdale ('Non-Muslim Gang Member', 'Relative Perpetrators', 'Halifax', 'Grooming Gang')
Northumbria Police have charged 20 people with sexual offences as part of Operation Sanctuary ('Tip of the Iceberg', 'Northumbria Police', 'Operation Sanctuary', 'Grooming Gang', 'Newcastle')
Mum of girl, 16, raped by three Somali men tells how their 50 friends and relatives harassed her during trial ('Witness Intimidation', 'Grooming Gang', 'Muslims protect rapists', 'No fixed abode', 'Manchester', 'Somali', 'Jailed', 'Islam')
Somali Gang of 3 Convicted in Manchester ('Religious', 'Jailed', 'Grooming Gang', 'Somali')
Court Told Local Muslim Politician Complicit With Muslim Grooming Gang ('Pakistani', 'Muslim politician', 'Rotherham')
Grooming Victim Tells Court Of Police Complicity With Perpertrators ('Drug Dealing', 'Rotherham', 'Council complicity', 'Police complicity')
Child sex abuse trial: Defendant's "£300 a night for selling girl, 16" ('Pakistani', 'Grooming Gang', 'Pimping', 'Drug Dealing', 'Prostitution', 'Rotherham', 'Sexual Slavery')
Front National win could lead to civil war, warns French PM ('Grooming Gang', 'Journalist Inaction', 'Civil War', 'Subversion', 'Islamic State', 'Caliphate', 'Islamic Child Brides', 'Cover-up', 'Boko Haram', 'Islam')
Primary pupils to learn dangers of sex groomers as report reveals number of under-12s targeted in Bradford ('Bradford', 'Grooming Gang', 'Aisha', 'Mosque', "Barnardo's", 'Easy Meat')
Hungarian grooming gang who exploited 'hundreds' of women jailed after sex slave reveals horrific details of six year ordeal ('Media Half Truth', 'Concept Dilution')
Police knew grooming gangs were targeting Birmingham schools five years ago but did not alert public ('Police Inaction', 'Grooming Gang', 'Police Concealment', 'West Midlands Police', 'Birmingham', 'Pakistani', 'Cover-up')
Vulnerable schoolgirl 'raped by at least 60 men after being preyed upon by Asian grooming gang' ('Non-Muslim Gang Member', 'Tip of the Iceberg', 'Aylesbury - England')
Nazir Afzal resigns as region's top prosecutor after being CLEARED of sending 'inappropriate text' to defendant ('CPS', 'Nazir Afzal')
Top cop warns 600,000 children may have been victims of child sex gangs MASS child sex abuse in one town is just the tip of the iceberg, a top police officer warned last night. ('Tip of the Iceberg', 'Statistics', 'England', 'Grooming Gang', 'ACPO')
State wards being groomed for prostitution by paedophile gangs ('Australia', 'Grooming Gang', 'Media Half Truth', 'Drug Dealing', 'Political Correctness', 'Trafficking', 'State Care', 'White Slave Trade', 'Addiction', 'Victim Recruiters')
First Easy Meat Report Released (2014) ('Easy Meat 2014',)

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