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Why DID police turn a blind eye to gang of rapists who preyed on young girls like wolves?

One of the rare attempts by the media to try to distinguish between ethnicity of grooming gangs and "Asians". This report still stops short of highlighting they were Muslims, instead resorting to pretending it is them coming from Pakistan which counts. Pakistani Christians and Hindus are significantly lacking from these gangs. Ironic that this report complains of Thought Police, and then won't address the obvious cause of the grooming.

THERE is an unpalatable truth which the Thought Police do their damnedest to hide but which emerges blinking into the light at all too regular intervals: in some of the poorest parts of this country there are gangs of Pakistani Muslims who prey on young white girls like a wolf pack devouring newborn lambs.

They hook them on drugs, tear them away from their families then pass them round as sex slaves. Notice that I said “Pakistani” and not “Asian”, the euphemism beloved of those in the race industry and the broadcast media who believe that facts can somehow be racist and therefore must be suppressed. To label them Asian insults Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Singaporeans, indeed all citizens east of Istanbul.


Why Muslims Kill For Islam

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