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Two men abducted girl, 13, and raped her at Bradford hotel, jury told

Let's see how this turns out. Childcare professionals knew in 1991 that Muslim gangs were taking girls out of "care homes" to rape. Wouldn't surprise me that such gangs are so brazen now.

A GIRL of 13 was kidnapped off the streets of Bradford and raped by two men in a hotel room in the city, a jury was told.

The child says she was bundled into a car by her abductors who forced her to have sex, tried to strangle her and threatened to kill her and put her in a ditch.

On trial at Bradford Crown Court are Ismail Ali, 26, of Wellesley Street, Bradford, and Naheem Uddin, 26, of Ashbourne Way, Bolton, Bradford.

Both plead not guilty to committing offences of kidnap, false imprisonment and rape on the evening of April 18 this year.

Uddin also denies making an indecent photo of the girl and Ali denies possession of the image.

Prosecutor David McGonigal said the girl was raped by the men at the Ibis Budget Hotel in Canal Road after they abducted her in daylight while driving round the city in a red Honda Civic.

He said the defendants were looking for someone to have sex with that night and when they could not find a willing partner, they took a girl off the streets to have sex with her whether she liked it or not.

It is alleged that Uddin took an indecent photo of the girl and sent it to Ali while they were at the hotel.

The girl says the men forcibly removed her jeans and that her shoes and knickers were thrown from a window at the hotel after she was attacked.

The men told the jury the sex was consensual and they believed the girl was 17.

Gillian Batts, barrister for Uddin, told jurors they might not like her client

He was a married man with children engaging in “casual sex at its most casual.”

But Miss Batts said it was “not a popularity contest” and urged the jury not to make judgements based on stereotypes.

Referring to the sex exploitation case in Rotherham, she said: “You must put aside any emotions, sympathy or preconceived ideas about this case.”

Miss Batts accused the girl of telling a pack of lies because she knew she would be in deep trouble for staying out all night.

“Once she had told those lies, she was on board the rollercoaster and had to go through with it,” she said.

The girl had been referred to an organisation to help her recognise risky situations when she was 12-years-old.

She was sending naked photos of herself to boys and being reported missing by her parents.

“She wasn’t just pushing boundaries, she was out of control,” Miss Batts said.

She labelled the girl “wayward and wilful” and “an accomplished liar.”

Miss Batts said the “sordid and sad” fact was that she went willingly to the hotel with the men knowing it was for sex.

She told them she was 17, with a child and a job.

The jury is due to begin considering its verdicts to tomorrow.

The trial continues.

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