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Three taxi drivers charged with child sex offences

One of the facets of the grooming gang phenomenon, was the involvement of Muslim taxi drivers. Despite its huge Muslim population, the West Midlands was strangely absent from grooming gang convictions. In the last 2 years it came out that the council and the police had suppressed reports (sometimes going back decades) which stated that "Asian" taxi drivers were involved in grooming schoolgirls.


Three Walsall taxi drivers have been charged with child sex offences involving a teenage girl following a long-running police probe.

Amjad Khan, 35, of Durham Place, and Zahoor Ahmed, 45, of Alexandra Road, Palfrey, are both charged with inciting a child to engage in sexual activity in 2014.

Nawaz Ahmed, 35, of Hucker Road, Pleck, is also accused of three counts of sexual activity with a child and taking an indecent image of a child in 2014.

Khan will appear before Walsall Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

Zahoor Ahmed and Nawaz Ahmed are set to appear at the same court a week later.

All of the charges relate to a single teenager.

The arrests are part of Operation Sentinel, a West Midlands Police initiative to target child sex offenders.

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What Can You Do?

Buy a copy of Easy Meat. Understand the scale of the scandal. Make notes on what you read. Go and see your MP, and give him/her the book.  Tell them you will return to discuss the contents of the book and what they intend to do to stop this cover-up.

If you can afford it, buy an additional copy of the book and give it to your MP. That way you can make notes in your own copy and have your notes next to the evidence contained in the book.  I get pennies from each copy sold, so the profit from this book will never even repay my work at the rate of a minimum wage.

Talk to your friends. Lend them your copy of the book. No-one will grasp the scale of this scandal without reading the evidence contained in Easy Meat.