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They knew and did nothing: Police and councillor ‘protected Rotherham grooming ringleader’


Some of the women who took to the witness box recounted a now well-known story of how they were not believed or simply ignored.

One police officer was even named by a victim who said he was actually having sex with girls involved in the exploitation.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) it is now involved in 55 ongoing investigations into “allegations about how South Yorkshire Police dealt with child sexual exploitation in Rotherham”.

The commission said these cover a range of allegations, from a failure to act on reported child sexual exploitation to corruption. The IPCC said it is undertaking “ongoing research and analysis work” into more than 194 allegations made by 41 complainants to date - 92 of the allegations relate to police officers who have been identified, but 102 involve as yet unidentified officers. 


During the trial, one woman who spent three days describing how she was repeatedly abused and assaulted from the age of 11, told the jury how she told a detective called Kenneth Dawes about what happened but no action was taken.

She said: “He used to have sex with girls and he used to take drugs from people and pass them on to Ash.”

The jury was told Pc Dawes was arrested last year and is currently under investigation.

Another police officer who was mentioned in the trial - Pc Hassan Ali - died last year following a collision on a road in Sheffield.

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