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Rotherham police to increase patrols over Islamophobic attack fears

The police force which spent decades ignoring the non-Muslim victims, has time to protect Muslims from attacks. Note how the claims by Muslims of huge increase in attacks is neither affirmed nor questioned by the media: assertion reported as fact. The systematic rape of non-Muslims by Muslims is not a hate-crime, but any abuse or violence against Muslims is a hate-crime. The media line is clear: Muslims are only victims, never perpetrators.


Police are to increase patrols in Rotherham over fears of a rise in Islamophobic attacks, following the conviction of a powerful child-grooming ring in the South Yorkshire town.

British Muslim Youth, a Rotherham-based group launched in 2011, said it had heard of “countless attacks” on Muslim men and was concerned that publicity surrounding the guilty verdicts on Thursday would spark further tension.

Muhbeen Hussain, the group’s founder, said there had been 18 far-right demonstrations in the two years since a damning report revealed the sexual exploitation of 1,400 children in the town.

“We’ve got hate crimes throughout the whole town,” Hussain said. “Individuals are being vilified and being made out to look like it’s the community hiding something, and that is stirring up hatred and dividing communities.”

Chf Supt Jason Harwin, the commander of Rotherham’s local policing unit, said officers were alert to the possibility that the verdicts could increase community tensions. He added that there would be increased patrols across the town.

Hussain pointed to the murder of Rotherham pensioner Mushin Ahmed, who was racially abused and called a “groomer” before being kicked and punched to death last August. The Yemen-born 81-year-old was on his way to prayers at a mosque in the town when he was attacked.

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