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Child sex exploitation campaign pulled after 'victim blaming' claims

It seems the instructions from the 2008 Leftist British government, that raped children have made a free sexual choice, is still pervading the mentality of Britain's police forces. Note this story pertains to the police force of North Yorkshire, an area where there has never been any official acknowledgement that the Muslim rape gangs are operating there.


A CAMPAIGN to combat child sexual exploitation has been pulled by North Yorkshire Police over complaints of 'victim blaming'.

However, the campaign received criticism on social media from a number of people, including York Mental Health Peer Support Group - a group of abuse survivors who meet regularly to support victims - who claimed the campaign was blaming victims.

A spokeswoman for the group said: "Whilst we appreciate North Yorkshire Police intentions, the CSE campaign posters give the wrong message by suggesting that a child has a choice to be sexually abused. This is victim blaming.

"Children do not have a choice when a perpetrator chooses to abuse them, they are often conditioned into complying with the abuser and not talk about what is happening to them, which is a power imbalance.

"What we need to do is sensitively educate children about different forms of abuse, and teach them who is safe to talk to if they are being hurt. We need to gain a child’s trust by not using posters that tell them that being abused is a choice, because standing up to perpetrators is not always a safe thing to do.

"Children are often blamed for others behaviours and when they are abused they internalise that guilt, blame and responsibility for the rest of their life."

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said the campaign - which was pulled from use on Tuesday afternoon - drew from the experience of officers who had dealt with CSE firsthand, and found "vulnerable young people who are at a cross-roads in their lives sometimes don’t feel that they have any power".

She said: "No person should feel they have no way out of victimization. This deliberately hard-hitting campaign was to get across the message that exploitation is not a life that anyone has to live, and that the police are there to support people who are at risk, and who need help.

"No victim of child sexual exploitation is to blame, and that is not the message we set out to give in our campaign. We have received some positive responses to the campaign, but we have also received feedback from people who didn’t feel our message was clear. It’s important to us that we listen to the public – and especially to the young people we’re trying to reach - so we’ve withdrawn the campaign on social media so we can do some more testing with our target audience."

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