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Grooming Victim Tells Court Of Police Complicity With Perpertrators

This case moves the debate on from police ignoring victims and arresting parents, to police working with the Muslim grooming gangs.

A corrupt detective tipped off one of the Rotherham grooming gang about potential arrests, a court has heard. One of the 12 complainants involved in the grooming trial at Sheffield crown court said her abuser was a drug dealer who used to stash about £40,000 in shoeboxes in his car.

The woman, now 30, said Basharat Hussain, one of the seven defendants in the trial, used to meet the officer in a supermarket car park for tipoffs, including inside information about attempts to arrest him. She said she also believed that the officer passed on information to Hussain about a safe house she was planning to move to in order to escape his physical abuse.


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