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Depraved sex gang got away with crimes for SIX MONTHS because of bungling authorities Damning report puts police, doctors, social services and teachers in the dock for not seeing the danger

Even after the Grooming Gang phenomenon was blown open, the childcare professionals are so used to not having to be competent in this area, they just continue. This gang groomed online - exactly what was supposed to be CEOP's core competence. As for Local Safeguarding Children Boards - they have a very poor record of finding fault with the authorities.

A VILE sex gang got away with grooming and raping young girls for SIX MONTHS, because of bungling authorities.

The gang, mostly Somali refugees aged between 18 and 23, passed around nine girls for "horrific" sexual acts in Bristol.

They were eventually jailed for a total of 116 years in November 2014.

But a report has found police, schools, social services and doctors missed warning signs on victims as young as 11.

The Bristol Safeguarding Children Board said police blunders let the sick gang get away it for half a year longer than necessary.

It said officers blamed girls for their "lifestyle choices" and told a double rape victim she has "brought it all on herself".

They missed the link between complaints which would have exposed the gang and didn’t investigate details thoroughly enough.

Police have blamed cuts to forces.

Assistant Chief Constable Kay Wozniak, of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, said: "We recognise that there were shortcomings.

"Unfortunately, financial pressures continue not just in Avon and Somerset but across the country."

She added that cases of child abuse have risen by around 25 per cent year on year recently, but added that child sexual exploitation is now a priority and received 'enhanced' funding.

Much of the abuse took place in Easton, Bristol - an area notorious for drugs and prostitution.

A 16 year old victim was moved to sheltered accommodation in the area but Bristol City Council was not informed.

The gang paid and 'sold' the teenager, and three of her friends, for sex.

"Police were called to the flat a number of times and the young person on occasions made limited disclosures of sexual offences," the report said.

But she would later reassure workers that "everything was now fine", so nothing was done.

Doctors and teachers were also at fault.

Victims as young as 12 visited GPs complaining of pain and heavy bleeding were handed contraception and not given STD tests.

Doctors missed the link between victims with similar complaints.

The report said: “Often these visits coincided with girls just about to go missing or coming back from being missing."

Schools mistook the bad behaviour of victims and excluded them from class rather than caring for them.

The Board interviewed child victims who said they wished the authorities asked more questions and were less embarrassed by discussing sex.

One said: "If you feel someone is not safe, tell someone, you are almost certainly right."

Gang members groomed victims over Facebook.

Ringleader Said Zakaria, 22, was put away for 11 years for organising a sadistic 'sex party' at a hotel where a 13-year-old girl was raped four times by three different men.

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