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Controlling groomer jailed for sexually exploiting 15-year-old - after being given abduction warning

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A child sex groomer controlled and exploited a teenage girl after befriending her on Facebook - and ignored official warnings to leave her alone.

Adil Dad was issued with a Child Abduction Warning Order after hanging round the 15-year-old’s college and giving her and her friends lifts.

But that did not deter him and his attempts to control the underage girl continued as he set about dictating the colour of her hair and the style of her clothes while pestering her for sex.

Newcastle Crown Court heard he ended up having sex with her in the front seat of his Audi, which had tinted windows.

Prosecutor David Comb, who said the case surrounds the victim’s “sexual exploitation”, told the court: “He encouraged her to engage in full sexual intercourse, which she was initially reluctant to do.

“Eventually, though she felt uncomfortable, she did have sex with him in the front seat of his car.”

The court heard the girl had some experience in experimenting with drugs but Mr Comb told the court: “He would assist her in purchasing those drugs by driving her around to meet drug dealers.”

Mr Comb said Dad acted in an increasingly controlling way towards the teen and added: “He made comments about her weight, encouraged her to go to the gym, encouraged her to wear more modest clothing when not with him. She found herself giving in.”

The court heard when the teen tried to distance herself from Dad, he would follow the bus she got home from college and turn up unexpectedly.

When she found the courage to report her ordeal to the police, Dad made around 30 telephone calls to attempt to make her withdraw her statement.

He told her during one call she was “making her mother cry” by involving the police and promised she could drive his car if she withdrew her statement.

Dad, 24, of Lancaster Street, Elswick, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to grooming, sexual activity with a child and perverting the course of justice and was locked up for five years and nine months.

He must also sign the sex offenders’ register for life.

Judge Simon Batiste told him: “I am satisfied you sought to ingratiate yourself with her in order to have sexual intercourse with her.”

The judge added: “She was already a user of drugs, cannabis and cocaine, and you were someone who would assist her in obtaining those drugs.

“That, in my view, was part of the grooming process you were undertaking to ensure she was someone who was under your control.

“You were becoming controlling in terms of your behaviour, making comments about her weight, telling her clothes she should wear and colour of her hair.

“A notice warning was given to you, warning you about your behaviour and contact with these girls. That didn’t stop you, you continued to make contact.”

The court heard the teen had claimed to be 16 on her Facebook profile but Dad had soon found out her true age.

Robin Patton, defending, said Dad lacks confidence, has “social inadequacies” and thought helping the teen get drugs “was a way of making her like him”.

Mr Patton said Dad is “emotionally immature” and added: “He believed she was of full age when he started showing a interest in her. She was happy for him to believe that.”

Mr Patton said the impact of Dad’s offending has been “devastating” to his whole family and will impact on his future.

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