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Child sex abuse trial: Defendant's "£300 a night for selling girl, 16"

Trial shows association between Muslim drug dealers and grooming of schoolgirls.

AN ALLEGED grooming gang victim told police that putting up with prostitution and rape aged just 16 was “easier than the alternative” of vicious beatings from her abusers.

The 33-year-old woman said that just weeks after first meeting defendant Arshid Hussain in Rotherham, he had begun driving her to Doncaster and selling her body.

There, she claims, she would have oral or full sex with men in cars for £20 and £30 each, fearing the consequences if she refused.

Sheffield Crown Court court heard that, she did this several times a month bringing Hussain, said to have been known locally as Mad Ash, around £200 or £300 each night.


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