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Child rapist fled to Pakistan half way through his trial

It is unbelievable that this man's passport(s) had not been confiscated. There are many examples of Pakistanis fleeing like this - even when they have been child rapists or murderers. The UK has no extradition treaty with Pakistan.

A teenage girl, raped by all ten men, contacted police following the 2012 convictions of nine Asian defendants for grooming white girls in the town. She said 'hundreds' of older men would ring her up wanting sex.

Last night the furious father of 'Girl A', who was abused by a Rochdale-based Asian sex gang jailed in 2012, criticised the justice system. He said to The Sun: 'When will they learn? Surely someone should have worked out what he was planning. One of the men who attacked my daughter managed the same trick and flew to Islamabad. He's never paid for his crimes.'


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