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28 years' jail for men who raped girl, 13, in Bradford hotel room

Muslim grooming gangs raping kids in Bradford since 1991. State paid to conceal it from 1995. 2004 documentary banned as "racist". 2005 police & council said "no evidence" & shut down the investigation. Families there demand an Inquiry like in Rotherham. The council refuses to do it. If such an Inquiry took place, I would bet money that what it reveals will dwarf Rotherham in terms of the number of girls raped and the number of years this has been going on.


TWO men have each been jailed for 14 years for the “vile and degrading” rape and sexual abuse of a troubled and vulnerable 13-year-old girl.

Ismail Ali, 26, and Naheem Uddin, 26, violated the child in a bedroom at the Ibis Budget Hotel in Canal Road, Bradford, on the night of April 18 this year.

They tore her jeans when they ripped them off and later flung her shoes and knickers out of the window.

“You took it in turns to abuse her and each of you behaved like an animal,” Judge David Hatton QC told them.

Father-of-three Uddin, of Ashbourne Way, Bolton, Bradford, and Ali, of Wellesley Street, Bradford, were cruising the streets of the city looking for sex when they picked up the girl and took her back to the hotel.

The judge said: “On the night of the 18th of April 2016, each of you was out to find sexual satisfaction and you did not care how you obtained it. You saw (the girl) and saw her as your opportunity.”

Although she went willingly with them to the hotel “she did not volunteer for the vile abuse and degradation that followed at your hands”.

Uddin was convicted by the jury at Bradford Crown Court late yesterday afternoon of raping the girl, attempting to rape her and taking indecent photos of  her.

Ali was found guilty of two offences of rape and a charge of possession of the indecent photos, after Uddin sent them to his phone.

Both men were cleared of kidnapping the girl and falsely imprisoning her.

Judge Hatton said that although the pair did not know the girl was 13, they did not care how old she was.

“You knew that she was very young, and you knew that she was much younger than you,” he said.

Judge Hatton publicly commended Detective Inspector Jon Best, the officer leading the inquiry, and his investigation team.

“This has been, I have no doubt, from first to last a very difficult case for all concerned,” he stated.

“It involved great sensitivity and an extremely vulnerable victim.”

Judge Hatton praised the “care, sensitivity and support” the officers had provided to the girl and her parents.

Prosecutor David McGonigal said the child had self harmed since she was attacked, cutting her arms and legs, and ripping the wallpaper off her bedroom walls.

She felt isolated and needed strong emotional support from her family.

In mitigation for Uddin, it was stated that he had three children by a previous partner and his new wife would now be deported.

Frida Hussain, for Ali, said he was brought up in care and had been working as a waiter before the offences.

After the case, Det Insp Best said: “Uddin and Ali subjected their young victim to a horrific ordeal and we welcome the sentences they have been given.

“We would firstly like to praise her for her courage in reporting their horrendous crimes and enabling them to be put before the courts.

“We hope today’s lengthy sentences will give her some comfort and allow her to move forward.

“Police and partners in the Bradford District CSE Hub have supported the victim throughout the process and we hope this will encourage others like her to liaise with our specially trained officers, who will thoroughly and sensitively investigate all reports.

“Child Sexual Exploitation remains a priority for West Yorkshire Police. It is totally unacceptable and it is the responsibility of all agencies, communities and individuals to identify those responsible and help bring them to justice.”

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