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Mohammed's Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam

By Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson

The first 100 pages of Mohammed's Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam demonstrate that, prior to 9/11, all the expert opinion in the West said:

  • the Koran is a garbled mess
  • the Koran cannot be understood unless it is in chronological order
  • Jihad meant killing for Islam (not some "inner struggle")
  • Mohammed switched from preaching peace (the early Koran, in Mecca) to preaching thieving, murdering, slave-taking (the later Koran, in Medina)


After proving that this is exactly how Islam was understood in the West in the centuries leading up to 9/11, McLoughlin & Robinson then show the lies about "the Religion of Peace", a lie disseminated by Pope Francis, by President Bush and President Obama, by Hilary Clinton, and by British PMs Blair, Cameron, May. This Grand Lie turns the entire understanding of Islam upside down.  The Muslims who kill for Islam know that our ruling elite are lying to us about Islam.

At the very start of the book two things are asked of the reader:

  1. if the reader is a Muslim, then he is asked to put the book down so that understanding his own religion better does not turn him into a killer;
  2. any other reader is asked to just turn to the first pages of the Koran presented in the second half of the book; if within 5 minutes s/he is not convinced that Islam is a religion of war obsessed with the subjugation of non-Muslims, then that reader is asked to return to the first half of the book and read that until they are convinced that what is presented in this book was mainstream scholarly opinion in the West before 9/11. 


One of the ways in which Islam protects itself from non-Muslims is that the normal Koran is encrypted. McLoughlin & Robinson decrypt the Koran. But they know that most people do not want to spend months or years learning the ins and outs of Islam. Most people just want to be left alone to get on with their lives.  Yet when terrorism in the name of Islam abounds then we all owe a duty to our relatives, our society and our civilisation to know, without any doubt at all, that our ruling elite are systematically lying to us about Islam, the religion of war and terrorism.

McLoughlin & Robinson explain the concept of "abrogation" and prove how fundamental this concept is to Islam. They show that any of the verses which our lying leaders pluck out to claim that Islam is a religion of peace is a vers that has either been garbled by our leaders or is a verse of the Koran that has been cancelled.  There is nothing in a chronologically ordered Koran to give people in the West anything other than fear and dread.

The ordinary man or woman cannot rely on Muslims to tell us the truth (because to Muslims Islam is the only truth and Islam authorizes Muslims to employ deception, for example as Taqiyya or Kitman).  We cannot rely on writers, clergy, journalists or academics - because they are either in hock to Muslim donors, or because they are Leftists who are allied to Islam, or because such people are simply too scared of Muslims killing them if they speak the truth.  

You don't have to believe McLoughlin and Robinson's claims. The book has 600 references, which link to the work of other acknowledged authorities on Islam (Western scholars, mainstream translators of the Koran, Muslim and ex-Muslim experts).  The book shows you what those who went before us in our own society were saying about Islam.  For centuries they were warning the West about Islam.  And all their warnings have been concealed by the Quisling elite who have sold your descendants into slavery or civil war.  It really is that serious.

Those shallow ideologues who dismiss Mohammed's Koran because it is not written by Muslims are missing a vital principle: our society doesn't demand that only Nazis explain Mein Kampf, or that only Communists can criticise Marx, Stalin, etc.  If there were Christian terrorists whom the Pope would not denounce, then it is the explanations of non-Christians who would be favoured. Our society regards those who are not proponents of an ideology as more credible and more objective critics of an ideology than those who are already indoctrinated by that ideology. As McLoughlin & Robinson show in the first 100 pages of this book, it is precisely this demand that only Muslims can have an opinion on Islam which has allowed Muslims to fool the electorate in countries across the West. If the people of the West had not been deceived by the Quisling ruling elite, every country would have already elected parties who would have kept Islam outside the borders of our nations.

There is now a website accompanying the book Mohammed's Koran, containing 100s of five star reviews. The new website is designed to contain searchable copies of the Koran and the Hadiths.

Why Muslims Kill For Islam

The book has now been re-printed and customers all over the world can now buy Mohammed's Koran (the No.1 best-seller banned by Amazon).


If you wonder if the book Mohammed's Koran is for you, read the 100s of five-star reviews the book received in its first few months on sale.

Amazon banned the sale of the only book on Islam that proves Islam has been a terrorist ideology since Year 1 of the Islamic calendar.  The book denounces violence and hatred, yet has been described as offensive by Amazon.  Meanwhile Amazon still sell copies of "Mein Kampf" (which advocates gassing Jews) and Amazon still sell books like "The Anarchist Cookbook" which (a bomb-making manual, the possession of which has led to terrorism charges in the UK).  Ebay has even banned the sale of used copies of Mohammed's Koran.  And from day one Google banned adverts for the book (instead the UK government spent a small fortune buying the top advertising slot to push their video begging people not to read the book).  Amazon staff are on record as saying that the order to ban the book came "from above Amazon". The propaganda from the state and the censorship from their tax-avoiding chums confirms the argument of Mohammed's Koran - the elite have knowingly invited this terrorist ideology into the West and they have sided with the terrorist ideology against the victims of terrorism.

With all this censorship you may not have heard of my new book (co-authored with Tommy Robinson). It was published at the end of July 2017.  The book went straight to No.1 on Amazon, and stayed there until the initial print-run of 5000 books sold out a few days later. For most of the following 18 months it was the No.1 best-selling Koran.  Muslims hated this fact.

The British media never reported on the book going straight to No.1.  They only reported on the book once sales of it had been banned.  

`The Koran, Decoded

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