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Basic Summary

What you will find in my book Mohammed’s Koran might well shock you, because this book turns upside down the lie that “Islam is a religion of peace”. Anyone who just turns to the Koran contained in my book will see within minutes why it is that devout followers of Mohammed engage in terrorist violence and beheadings. But what you should find truly disturbing, is that what I have to say about Islam is nothing new. I am simply telling you what the educated elite in the West were saying about Islam for centuries leading up to 9/11. Once 9/11 happened, rather than inform the people of the West about truth of Islam our politicians, journalists, academics, and clergy reversed the warnings about Islam which their predecessors had used to keep the people of the West informed. I won’t just quote the West’s scholars of Islam, I’ll quote past Presidents of the USA, past Prime Ministers of Britain.

My book exposes how year after year, terrorist atrocity after terrorist atrocity, this generation who are supposed to be our leaders are simply leading us further and further into deception. They are leading us closer and closer to civil war in Europe. I know that sounds shocking, but just a few years ago, that was precisely what the French Prime Minister warned is coming, and now look at France under a permanent State of Emergency, with a citizens militia recreated centuries after it was abolished, and still they cannot keep a lid on the terrorist attacks. And what is the book inspiring those terrorists in France? The Koran, of course. Were your parents ever asked by politicians: do you want Islam, this culture of intolerance and warfare brought into your country? Of course not. These politicians knew the fundamentals of the doctrines and history of Islam and they have imported it without any democratic mandate. They have brought about the transformation of Europe against the will of the people. As one of the West’s greatest experts on Islam repeatedly warned just ten years ago: Europe will be Islamic before the end of the 21st century. The threat is that serious - according to that historian non-Muslim children born in Europe this year will live out their lives as pensioners under the rule of Islam.

In this book I show you how the Koran is seen by devout Muslims, and how it was seen by the educated elite in the West for centuries leading up to 9/11. The reason why you see so little on TV about the life of Mohammed and the rise of Islam is that they cannot show you this without showing you that he was a warlord. If he was alive now we would be saying he should be on trial for War Crimes. Yet to Muslims he is the perfect example of a moral man. So since Islam is a doctrine of war, it is no surprise that the Koran, the manual of war would be encrypted. In my book the Koran is shown to you in its decrypted form. And once you see the Koran in this decrypted form it will be clear to you within minutes why Muslims kill for Islam.

Why Muslims Kill For Islam

My new book (co-authored with Tommy Robinson) was published at the end of July 2017.  The book went straight to No.1 on Amazon, and stayed there for 4 days (that is, until the entire print-run of 5000 copies ran out).

`The Koran, Decoded

The book is now back in stock and you can buy the book here:

Or you can read the 100s of five-star reviews the book received in its first few months on sale.

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