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White Slaves

The Islamic world took untold millions of white, black and Asian people as slaves. I concentrate here on evidence that the educated elite in Britain in the 20th century could not have been ignorant of this history, particularly the history of Muslims and their liking for white women as sex-slaves. This was recorded by scores of European artists.

In a talk in London in 2016 ex-jihadist Maajid Nawaz says (from 28 mins onwards) that when he was in prison in Egypt as a jihadist, the other devout Muslims would sit around discussing how, when they rule, they will enslave women.

In Chapter 8 ("Victims of Multiculturalism")  of my book Easy Meat - Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal, most of the artists listed in that chapter were artists in a tradition which painted "idealized" or "romanticized" images of the white slave trade. Many of these artists were still alive in the 20th century (some were alive by the time that mankind began space exploration).  

Giulio Rosati (1858–1917)

The artists of this tradition were drawn from countries all over Europe. 

Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouÿ (1842–1923)

This artistic tradition could be traced back to the 17th century. That means this artistic tradition spanned approximately 300 years of European history: In this 300 years

  • Britain and America used warships and extraordinary violence to force Algeria to stop attacking our ships and taking the Europeans and Americans on board as slaves.
  • Britain was debating in Parliament and the newspapers the outlawing of the slave-trade and actually outlawing slavery (not just in Britain, but in Islamised India too).
  • Britain passed laws raising the age of consent to 16 to protect girls from entrapment and a life of prostitution.
  • General Gordon went to Khartom to put down an "Islamist" revolt, with news reports in Britain discussing the plight of the slaves of Muslims (statues and movies were made to memorialize General Gordon).
  • Britain's role in the League of Nations gave way to the United Nations, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR) which outlaws slavery yet it is clear from United Nations documents from the 1950s, that educated English-speaking people knew that in Islam slavery is legal.

Whilst the British elite were signing up to the UNDHR in the 1940s, banning slavery around the world, just 40 years later they were turning a blind-eye to the entrapment and sex-slavery of under-age girls in Britain.

So, it's not as if the elite in Britain could possibly have been unaware of the legality of slavery in Islam, and the long, long history of Muslims taking slaves - castrating male slaves and using them as Eunochs, and using female slaves as sex-slaves. White women were particularly prized as sex-slaves.

Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824–1904)

Instead, the "progressives" in the West have concealed this Islamic culture of taking sex-slaves or pretended it is a myth, even though there's no reason to doubt it went on from 700 AD to 1970 AD and beyond. Generally, the "progressive" Leftists have not even claimed it is a myth - they have simply pretended it never happened and only concentrated on the problem of white people having black slaves. They have shown no interest in white people being taken as slaves, to the extent that most Britons have no idea it went on for hundreds of years.

Fernand Cormon (1845–1924)

Look at any TV programme on "the slave trade" and it will be truly extraordinary if they mention the Islamic history of taking slaves, let alone the Muslim penchant for white women as sex-slaves. Visit any museum in Britain that has an area devoted to slavery: it would be amazing if there was any mention of the millions of Europeans taken as slaves by Muslims. This is how history is re-written: only tell half the story and when the generations who had any memory of the historical events are dead, the events the elite wish to hide are hidden, written out of history and popular memory, only known to those few who end up doing an "archaeology of knowledge". Luckily for us, this artistic tradition survives, and we can expose that the elite knew of it all along.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780–1867)

When the problem of the Muslim grooming gangs first appeared in the national media in the UK in the 1980s, the Sikh men who were imprisoned for trying to protect their female relatives stated that what the Muslims were doing was taking sex-slaves. This made sense given the long-established history and the theology of enslavement in Islam. That this entrapment and abuse was ignored for decades makes the concealment of this scandal by the elite even more egregious. They had brought a culture and ideology of slave-taking into Britain and were setting about protecting that culture and its practitioners.

The educated elite wrote the victims of the Muslim grooming gangs out of history, just as they have written out of history the centuries of Muslims taking white women as sex-slaves.

My book shows what the authorities knew about the grooming gangs and when. There needs to be a Public Inquiry to reveal the true scale of this problem, to prosecute those who ensured it continued unabated, and to decide what is to be done to get Muslims to denounce the history and legality of slavery in Islam.

Here is an excellent survey of the morality of sexual slavery in Islam. It is simply staggering that the Left and the clergy in the West can lecture us on our need to be tolerant of Islam and its followers.

In 2016 it was reported in news media that clerics in Mosques in Britain were using their credentials and prestige to tell Muslims that sex-slavery was permitted in Islam.At no point does Hammuda, who was born in Palestine but brought up in the UK, point out that slavery is no longer permitted in Islam, nor indeed that it is illegal in the UK.The hitherto unbroadcast audio tapes, recorded by TV company Hardcash Productions in an investigation into jihadis, were made in October 2014 – only weeks after reports of IS atrocities against the minority Yazidi sect in northern Iraq, whose women were enslaved, raped or executed after being captured by the IS thugs. More than 5,000 Yazidi women and girls were abducted by IS when the militant Islamist terrorists attacked the city of Sinjar, northern Iraq, in August of that year. Some who managed to escape later told their stories and were photographed in a series of arresting images wearing traditional white Yazidi wedding dresses to help emphasise their horrific ordeal.

Why Muslims Kill For Islam

The book has now been re-printed and customers all over the world can now buy Mohammed's Koran (the No.1 best-seller banned by Amazon).


If you wonder if the book Mohammed's Koran is for you, read the 100s of five-star reviews the book received in its first few months on sale.

Amazon banned the sale of the only book on Islam that proves Islam has been a terrorist ideology since Year 1 of the Islamic calendar.  The book denounces violence and hatred, yet has been described as offensive by Amazon.  Meanwhile Amazon still sell copies of "Mein Kampf" (which advocates gassing Jews) and Amazon still sell books like "The Anarchist Cookbook" which (a bomb-making manual, the possession of which has led to terrorism charges in the UK).  Ebay has even banned the sale of used copies of Mohammed's Koran.  And from day one Google banned adverts for the book (instead the UK government spent a small fortune buying the top advertising slot to push their video begging people not to read the book).  Amazon staff are on record as saying that the order to ban the book came "from above Amazon". The propaganda from the state and the censorship from their tax-avoiding chums confirms the argument of Mohammed's Koran - the elite have knowingly invited this terrorist ideology into the West and they have sided with the terrorist ideology against the victims of terrorism.

With all this censorship you may not have heard of my new book (co-authored with Tommy Robinson). It was published at the end of July 2017.  The book went straight to No.1 on Amazon, and stayed there until the initial print-run of 5000 books sold out a few days later. For most of the following 18 months it was the No.1 best-selling Koran.  Muslims hated this fact.

The British media never reported on the book going straight to No.1.  They only reported on the book once sales of it had been banned.  

`The Koran, Decoded

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