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The Jew-Haters Sad that Tommy Robinson and his Supporters Reject Jew-Hatred

This is a comment I left at this video:

What a load of nonsense. You utterly fail to address what Tommy stands for and what his supporters believe. Are you too lazy or too stupid to do the leg work and go out to one of the events Tommy has put on and ask his supporters what they believe? Or is that you realise you might find that 90% of them back Israel? That would expose you for what you are.

You see a bunch of Leftist organisations and you zoom in on the Jews involved therein. There's your blinkers on display. Even the Tories are Leftists (as was noted as long ago as 1961 by Hayek, Thatcher's guru). If you want some understanding of the scale of the Leftist control of culture and economics in Britain since the early decades of the 20th century, watch the C4 video "Thatcher the Revolutionary". Pre-Thatcher Tories were in favour of nationalised industries (the very principle that the Labour Party spent decades arguing was the basic tenet of socialism).
The problem is Leftism and Leftists. Jewish Leftists. Gay Leftists. If you had spent years monitoring the comments sections of gay websites you'd see that roughly 50% of the comments are opposed to Islam. Yet the Left control all the gay organisations, and so the Left get to speak for all gays, and pretend that gays are in favour of the importation of millions of antigay immigrants. Even in Israel there is a constant struggle against the pull to the Left. When it looked like Rabbi Kahane and his Israeli nationalist party were going to make great strides electorally the Israeli elite changed the laws to make his party illegal. That Jewish nationalist was hounded out of Israel and then subsequently assassinated in New York by Muslim terrorists. In a similar vein Tommy is hounded, and the rule of law is abandoned in order to imprison him. But you be a brave little boy, and hide on YouTube where you can snipe at him.
I've known Tommy since the first year the EDL was formed. Even up until 18 months ago one of the things that Kev and Tommy both said is that no-one ever made any significant financial contribution to what they had done since 2004. That might have changed somewhat in the last 18 months with the Pipes organisation donating to Tommy's legal costs. But from 2004 until 2017 the income Tommy generated came down to his own activities. When I asked Tommy where he made more money a) from the sale of Mohammed's Koran or b) from being an employee of Ezra Levant's Rebel News, Tommy replied that it was the former. That means that as a journalist Tommy was working harder than most UK journalists and was being paid a fraction of their salaries. Did you know that according to the journalists own training group 95% of British journalists come from parents who have the top five professional careers? These scions of the elite all espouse Leftism whilst ensuring that nepotism ensures influential careers for their children in particular.
If you think that Brian is part of some Israeli slush fund can you ask him to send me some dosh? I met Brian a few years after I met Tommy. Brian had been involved in the critique of Islam for about as long as Tommy, but Brian didn't meet Tommy until the latter visited Israel. Whilst Brian's a nice guy he's never so much as bought a round of drinks that wasn't his turn. That's the scale of his largesse. He's no more generous or mean than anyone else.
You idiots have so little understanding of political activism and economics that you say 2 + 2 = 22.
Tommy's opposition to Islam AND his support of Israel predate by years him having any personal acquaintance with Brian, Ezra or Avi. You should expect Tommy to form alliances with people who have the knowledge and the guts to take part in this fight. Don't expect Tommy to form alliances with gutless cowards who make anonymous/factless videos on YouTube. Whilst your still an anonymous nobody on YouTube, 13 years ago Ezra was fighting the Canadian state over the right of his newspaper to print the Danish Mohammed cartoons. What have you done in the last 13 years that was of any significance? What personal/financial risks have you taken?
I notice there are morons in your comments below who actually think that Nick Griffin's libellous analysis of the people around Tommy is the word of God. The crap that comes from Nick Griffin is as inaccurate as the crap that comes from the UAF (no surprise that these propagandists simply re-circulate unfounded but alleged "links" and "rumours" as fact). But morons suck it up because it feeds their Jew hatred.
As long ago as 2011 I was an observer in an EDL meeting. An ex-BNP politician tried to join. The working class men and women in that meeting almost unanimously wanted the racist BNP politician out of the room. They spent 30 minutes exposing his racism and his lies and his preparedness to support Holocaust deniers. That's the kind of reality you don't want to see. No one in any official capacity of the EDL was leading the critique of this racist. It was the crowd themselves. If the people supporting Tommy at his events were as you think they are, then the blacks, asians, chinese, Jews at these events would not be safe. But they are always perfectly safe. When the opportunity for violence arises Tommy's supporters rightly target the Left.
This is why you don't go to INTERVIEW the supporters at Tommy's events. Because the working class would volunteer their support for Jews and Israel. And your attempt at implying some Jewish cabal is pulling Tommy's strings would be exposed as groundless.
What's so pathetic about you morons is that there are plenty of interviewers at these events who are talking to the people in the audience, and these are interviewers who go there with hostility to Tommy. They are able to form a true picture of reality, whilst you and the morons in your comments choose to be detached from reality. Often these hostile interviewers end up being won over to become supporters of Tommy.
And here's another actual fact for you: is not run by Jews. It is run by two white working-class English men. But all Jew-haters see is Jews.
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