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On Racist Violence and the Meaning of "Community"

Since the grooming gang scandal first appeared on the news agenda of Britain in 2003, there were reports that Muslims took a variety of positions in relation to these horrific crimes:

  • imams refused to denounce the crimes
  • Muslim MPs and local politicians who were Muslims were silent
  • those few Muslims who spoke out received death threats
  • family members protected the child-rapists in various ways
  • often the gang-rapists were brothers and cousins
  • some Muslims (not on trial) even tried to derail prosecutions

I had already been gathering material on the grooming gang scandal when one of the largest grooming gang trials to date started in February 2012. However, on watching the news during the week of that trial, what struck me most was that the news concentrated on the creation of Tell Mama rather than on this landmark grooming trial. Was this a coincidence? 

Major Grooming Trial Starts 21st February 2012

Muslim Victimhood Group Starts 21st February 2012

Instead of focusing on the actual horrific details endured by white schoolgirls at the hands of this Muslim gang, the media focused on the (supposed) victimhood of Muslims.  Yet in the last 30 years the worst cases of violence involving Muslims in the UK have all involved Muslims as aggressors not as victims. What possible victims could Tell Mama uncover that would equal the racist murder of Kris Donald (Glasgow, 2004) or Ross Parker (Peterborough, 2001), both of whom were murdered by gangs of Muslims who went out looking for a white man to kill.

There is no evidence of the indigenous population carrying out these sorts of crimes. Indeed, the evidence shows, that as with grooming gangs, the indigenous white population are disproportionately the victims of racist violence. The irony is that just as the socialist government was passing "hate crime" laws in the UK, the Left-wing Guardian was admitting that political correctness prevented the realisation that whites are disproportionately the victims of racist violence.

The last example of a group of indigenous British people carrying out "a racist murder" where the victim was a Muslim, was the murder of Altab Ali in 1978, almost 40 years ago. Whilst Ali's death is remembered as "a racist attack", what is less often remembered is that one of those who attacked him was black, a fact which doesn't sit so well with the idea that it was the indigenous white people displaying their supposedly pervasive racism. The killing of Altab Ali exhibited far more ethnic diversity than do conviction after conviction of these grooming gangs (more than 90% of those convicted are Muslims).  Here's some other contrasts:

  • How many Muslims in Britain have died at the hands of indigenous anti-Islamic terrorists? (Answer: zero).
  • How many Muslim schoolgirls have been groomed and raped by gangs of non-Muslims in Britain. (Answer: zero). 

So, on the week in 2012 when an historic Muslim grooming gang trial began in Britain, the media were focusing on this fantasy Muslim victimhood of Tell Mama, rather than on the real victims of Muslim gangs: the young, vulnerable members of the indigenous society abandoned by the army of state-funded childcare professionals, an army paid for by the tax-payers of their own society as a final layer of protection when family and community have somehow failed. Thousands of genuine victims were concealed for decades, and even as that concealment was coming to an end, Muslims were setting up organisations claiming Muslims are the victims who are ignored.  If the media launch of Tell Mama was coincidental with this historic grooming trial, then it was in very bad taste to proceed with the launch on a week when the nation should have been facing up to the decades of concealment and neglect by virtually every level of the state. Subsequent revelations about Tell Mama make one wonder how this Muslim victimhood group continues to be taken seriously by the British media. The Left just continue as if these revelation about Tell Mama do not exist.

Our society makes a great effort to remember victims of racist murders, unless those victims are white. Here is one website which has collated this kind of information.  White victims of the multicultural experiment foisted on the people of Britain (and of Europe) are not to be remembered, whether the victims are murdered or they were groomed and prostituted (and then sometimes murdered).  More information about the extent of the grooming gang cover-up can be found in my book Easy Meat.

Muslims have a sense of community. Many of them would go to extraordinary lengths to protect the grooming gangs. Almost no-one in our society would go to the lengths to protect the victims of the grooming gangs; as a community we wouldn't help the schoolgirl victims the way the Muslim community helped the perpetrators. Which leads one to wonder: do the indigenous British people even have any sense of community any more? As I discuss in my book, the different reactions between 21st century Britain and 19th century Britain show how our society is prepared to tolerate evil in a way that Victorian society would not. The principal laws which protect the schoolgirl victims in the 21st century are the laws laid down by the Victorians 130 years ago. Is this what we consider progress? How is it with an army of state employees and with local newspapers in every town, this nation-wide scandal could be hidden for decades? 

When was TellMama set up? Their website did not exist before 2nd December 2011.

tell mama created

Politically-motivated Muslims in Britain would have known about the forthcoming court dates for the Rochdale trial 6 to 12 months in advance. Tell Mama was setup 3 months before this trial. On the week of the trial, Tell Mama were getting masses of coverage by the BBC. There is no record of the Tell Mama website having any content before 2012.

Tell Mama Archive

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