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Why Social Media Needs Cascading Mutes

I got so tired of repeating this idea on Gab over the past six months, I decided I'd put it up here. I'll modify this page if anyone comes up with any criticism of the idea. I'm told Bitchute are interested in implementing my idea. Once one social media site does it, I'm sure others will follow.

Here's a reply I wrote to a woman on Gab who was plagued with someone who kept creating new accounts in order to harass her and others with pornography:

If @a implemented my idea for Cascading Mutes, as soon as one of the people you follow muted this pornographer, then you would not see anything from the pornographer again, no matter what new fake account he was now using. Since you follow me, if I muted his new account at 9:45 and then you went to your gab account at 9:50, the pornographer would be gone, out of your sight. You wouldn't even know that he'd returned with a new account.

@a doesn't seem to understand - Cascading Mutes is the answer to the problems on every social network. Anyone who doesn't want to see pornography could follow some account dedicated to muting porno. Anyone who doesn't want to see Nazis could follow some account dedicated to muting Nazis.  

Suddenly Gab doesn't need to do anything about complaints/reports. Then people could simply report those inciting violence to @a. Torba's workload would plummet.


Cascading Mutes allows users of social media to form into communities of association (and disassociation).  This is what we do in real life.  If you want to live close to a range of drug-dealers you go and move to a certain part of town (I literally knew school teachers in London who did this).  If you want to live away from racist violence, you go and move into a community where your countrymen predominate.  

Cascading Mutes allows people to disassociate themselves from Nazis, Leftists, pornographers, etc.  It follows the wisdom of crowds. 

None of this impacts on freedom of speech.  The pornographers can continue to post their pornography. Those who want to see gay porno can follow gay pornographers. Those who want to see straight porn can follow straight pornography.  Those who want to see neither can follow accounts that mute pornography. 

Those who don't want any restrictions on what they see (I know Jews who want to see what Nazis are saying) should be able to disable all Cascading Mutes, or they should be able to unmute specific individuals.

This policy reverses the onus. Instead of every user having to mute everyone they dislike (having seen things they may not be able to unsee), Cascading Mutes means that most muting would be automatic based on one's affiliations.  The onus is then on the user to choose to unmute individuals or to disable Cascading Mutes.  I'm pretty sure no more than 1% would disable Cascading Mutes.

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